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We could tell you how great we are, but it's what our customers say about our service that really matters...

Very prompt, very courteous and attentive service. Would definitely recommend.

-Robert C.

Booked on a Sunday, they came Monday. They hauled away renovation trash including old appliances. More impressive, they went into the disgusting attic where it was hot enought to cook a turkey and hauled down all the crap up there. Professional, helpful, fast and clean.

-Steven O.

Fantastic, Fast, Courteous and Professional. They arrived on time, emptied my townhome attic from the junk left by the previous owner (so TWO flights of stairs) quickly and with hardly an indication within my unit that they had been there. They accomplished in 30-45 minutes what would have taken me most of the day by myself. I would DEFINITELY call again. As far as price - I felt it was very reasonable considering I didn't have to worry about moving things, dragging them outside, figuring out how to transport and dispose of them, etc.I probably would have paid 2x the amount if I had to just in time savings/convenience.

-Shannon T.

I recently moved, and I found myself with a lot of Wal-Mart-type furniture, appliances, and other things from my college days that just had to go. 1-800-Junk Pro was prompt, professional and completed the job on time and under their estimate. I felt that the price was quite reasonable considering the fact that it was a lot of crap to get rid of and I certainly had no intention of wasting my entire Saturday doing it. Bottom line is, if you can spare a few bucks, call these guys. It will be worth it.

-Greg A.

I've used 1-800 JunkPro almost every year for the last 7 or 8 years. Every spring cleaning there's something that I need them to haul away. They were of great help when it came time to move too. I had them come in after the movers and clear out everything left that we didn't want. I've had them take away appliances, old furniture, old cans of paint, and lots of misc. "junk". Great service at a good price.

-Brook M.

I called around 10 AM and the guys from 1-800-JUNKPRO were here at noon. I had them move old lumber from a deck we replaced. The wood was down the slope in behind our house. They were great and picked up every scrap. I will use them again.

-Tyler N.

I had them clean up back yard. On time On budget and Polite! Very Professional, courteous and efficient!

-Lanie C.

These guys were great. I made the appointment at 7 PM the night before and they were here the next day within the first 20min of their 2 hour window. The crew gave me a quick 80% full estimate and jumped right in to the work. Three hours later they had a full truck and smiled when they admitted that they had underestimated the load. They quickly said, "you only pay the quoted price." I got a break, but even if I had had to pay for the full truck, the back breaking work those two put in, while I did not have to, would have been worth the full price. I will recommend them to my friends.

-Kathy E.

These young men were very prompt, polite and thorough in clearing out junk I had collected over the years. I was pleased with their work.

-Stewart K.

I used this company to get some junk that my tenants left in my rental property and they were great. They were early, and only took them about 30 minutes to get the job done. They were a tad bit pricey, but it was worth it. I would recommend these guys to anyone, and I definately see myself using them again.

-Craig S.

On time service, up front rates, clean shiny trucks and friendly uniformed drivers. They said it and meant it. What more could you want from a junk removal company.

-Robin J.

Had them pickup 9 years worth of accumulated junk in the garage this past weekend. They called the prior day as well as an hour before the scheduled time to confirm the appointment as well as notify me they were on their way. 
It took about an hour and a half to get everything out. They quoted and billed me for 70% of the truck, but ended up filling up the entire truck.
The guys were friendly and professional the entire time. I would certainly recommend the service. It may cost a bit, but worth regaining the lost space not to mention the time savings (would've taken me forever to haul this stuff away in my pick up).

-Joe C.

I contacted 1-800-JUNK PRO and set up an appointment for them to haul away a truck load of household items including: 1 old sleeper sofa, 1 old recliner, a 36" TV, a sectional sofa, 2 industrial shelf units, and a short list of miscellaneous other items. 
Setting the appointment was a breeze. As advertised, the driver called me about 1/2 hour before the appointed time letting me know they were on the way. When they arrived, both men were friendly, courteous, and ready to get to work. I must say that I was very impressed with the skill these men demonstrated as they deftly moved a very heavy sleeper sofa from the bonus room over the garage down the main stairs and out the front door. They managed to exit the house without leaving marks on the walls, doors, or floors. I highly recommend 1-800-JUNK PRO for your hauling needs.

-Nancy M.

If you have junk, they are the ONLY way to go! They arrived on time, as scheduled. They were very polite, and efficient. When I scheduled, they told me that they would recycle and donate whatever they could and where my stuff would most likely end up, I called the charity (His Helping Hands), and they told me, “the junk pro trucks come in all the time”. I believe, this is a very honest company!

-Frank D.

I had a very large 8 person hot tub in my enclosed basement walkout, not an easy task to remove. I asked my contractor to help with it but he was not equipped and referred me to 1800junkpro. They gave me a rate that was below what I thought it would cost and they came out with a big saw and had the job completed in under an hour. Really exceeded my expectations of a junk removal company. Absolutely no damage and the crew was great. I want to thank Mike and Joey for their hard work and professionalism. This is a great company and service. I would recommend to anyone.

-Paul H.

OMG, this is GREAT! These guys are amazing! I can't believe how much junk I had, and how quickly and easily they got rid of it all. I have room in the garage for another car! I also appreciate how much they recycle. I'll definitely use Junk Pro again.

-Jaretta S.

We just downsized from a house that we lived in for 10 years. There was a lot of stuff that we needed to get rid of and 1-800-JUNKPRO came through big time. Scheduling was easy (they came on a Saturday!), they were communicative, friendly, professional and got the job done rather quickly. One of the pieces we needed to move ended up having a rats nest tucked in one of the folds of the tarp (sorry guys!). The guys shook out the tarp (no rats, thank goodness), laughed about it, and continued to load up their big truck with our stuff.

This does have me being much more mindful about consumption. At the same time, this is the best way to dispose/recycle/donate of those items that we inevitably accumulate.

Also, by the way, I have used a competitor and much prefer 1-800-JUNKPRO.

-Miko P.

Junk Pro offered an astoundingly customer-focused and reasonably-prices service from start to finish. Friendly and efficient office staff, just the right amount of communication, including a call 20 minutes before they were to arrive. Don and Mike were professional, willing to adjust to last-minute changes, including disconnecting a hard-pipe connection to the range they picked up and adding two more items to their load by adjusting an already almost-full truck. We will definitely use them in the future.

-Carly B.

I called to get a quote for mattress removal, the guy was very helpful in explaing pricing and working with me to get me the best deal. We are lucky to have such a fine business so dedicated to responsibility.

-Peter A.

Very professional and efficient. Prices are competetive and they are insured unlike many others offering hauling services. Great to deal with.

-Crystal J.

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