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We could tell you how great we are, but it's what our customers say about our service that really matters...

Look no where else! Great job, great price. They took my hottub away for $250. Its nice dealing with good people.

-Gene F.

I'm a professional organizer and I love 1-800-JUNKPRO! I work with them every chance I get. I used to work with another big hauler but the truth is that these guys and gals are so darn pleasant that I feel much more comfortable inviting them into my clients' houses. I even schedule them to come when I'm not there sometimes because I'm completely confident that the PROS will interact professionally.

The best part though is that my clients have a much easier time getting rid of things when they know they're going to a good place. With 1-800-JUNKPRO, I know that's true. They donate everything they can, recycle the rest and only take stuff to the dump when they have absolutely no other alternative. Plus, they come and get whatever you want to give away from wherever it is in your house. That means that you don't have to collect and lug the stuff down to one pick up spot. Just point them in the direction and they'll climb the stairs. (They once had to go up and down 30+ stairs to a client's attic for me and they barely broke a sweat!)

 I'm a big fan.

-Heather P.

Fantastic company - they picked up demolition and yard debris I had been accumulating for months.
They have - 
a website where you can check out the price based on the load
fast phone response
credit card payment at the site
reasonable rates
professional friendly people

Given some other experiences I have had with hauling companies these guys are amazing.

-Rachel S.

Fantastic. Just the feeling of getting rid of my remaining junk after moving was seriously cathartic; the fact that 18JP also stuck to the low end of the estimate I received on the phone, and that it took them less than an hour to throw everything in the truck, now that's priceless.

-Dr. John A.

I love my Junk Pros. I’m a Real Estate Agent and recommend them to a lot of my clients. I have had them pick up everything from house-hold goods to construction debris.
You get charged to take things to the dump I feel less guilty with 1-800-JUNK PRO, because I hope at least some of it gets reused. Plus, their prices are very reasonable. I have never once heard of a cancellation by them and they are always on time. I have personally used them 6+ times and never a problem.

-Dan R.

This is the second time that we have used 1800 junkpro. This time around we needed to make some major space in the garage. The service was very prompt and the truck arrived exactly at the time we were told. The people helping with the loading were very friendly. Obviously, we would use them again.

-Mahlia R.

Love, Love, LOVE these guys. Had the WORST time trying to get Salvation Army to come pick up some donations. In fact, we scheduled pick-ups with SA three times - they didn't show up for any of them. Finally called 1-800-JUNKPRO. They were very timely, courteous and efficient. It turns out a bunch of people in my former building decided to add their crap to my pile of donations, but JJ from Junk Pro said it would be no problem to take that stuff as well.

No crying. No headaches. No injuring myself to move stuff. No assault on the senses or the planet with trips to the dump.

Very reasonably priced, and I am relieved that the stuff will be sorted out, reused and repurposed. I love the ethos of this company and their professionalism. I'm very glad to have given them my business.

-Niki P.

I had two couches, left over kitchen drawers and junk on both sides of my house. It was not a pretty site. I called and they gave me an estimate, scheduled an appointment and sent the kindest guys to come out to do the hauling (Mike and Joey). I seriously under estimated just how much junk I had so the price went up a little but didn't break the bank! They did an excellent job and very quickly considering how much stuff I had. I definitely will always consider them anytime I need something hauled away and I highly recommend their services to anyone!

-Sam C.

We all have too much stuff but little clue what to do with it. Luckily 1-800-JUNKPRO knows and makes sure it goes toward the best re-use possible. Thanks guys, I'll call again. 

-Catherine W.

I give these guys 5 stars. They are amazing. They gave me an estimate on the phone, stuck to the estimate, did bonus work (moved a couch that I was keeping) and took extra stuff (they were able to take some extra wood and still stay within the dimensions of the load) and they dispose of the stuff in an environmentally responsible manner (for wood, it either turns into compost or into firewood.) Oh, and they were also the best price of the 3 haulers I contacted.

If you search for these guys in Hutch, they are hard to find because their home base is in Wichita. But they do serve Hutch and if you find them, they are the folks you should use!

-Simone H.

The service was fantastic and the team who came to load were so nice. Pricing was very reasonable, particularly for the amount of work they did. I will definitely use them again.

-Michael S.

Good service, friendly employees, competitive price, did what they said they were gonna do when they said they were gonna do it.

-Nick R.

can't get any better, this company is AWESOME! they do such a great job, its rediculous. they will literally do it all. this was my 2nd but not my last time.

-Alfredo I.

Their drivers are very friendly and helpful. When we were moving they were the only service company that showed up on time. They quickly removed our couch and mattress and did it with a smile.

-Todd O.

The people at 1-800-JUNK-PRO are fast, freindly, and professional. They called me to confirm my appointment and then again when they were on their way. They will haul away some of the craziest stuff with a smile on their face. I like that they recycle too. When they finished with my junk they swept up. I tipped them because they were so fantastic and they deserved it!!!!

-Shelby H.

This might be the most consistently run business that I have ever come across. After multiple times using the service, I am impressed with the quality of the people and the process. I can only say Go JUNK PRO!

-Melissa B.

After you've had your sidewalk sale and filled every trashbin in a 2 block radius of the apartment you are moving out of, you call these guys. They come take a look at what you've got, give you an estimate -- charges are based primarily on the percentage of truck you fill--and then they take it all away. And, bonus, they recycle/donate when appropriate. Also, they are very curteous, and if they are judging you based on your trash, you'd never know it.

-Henry K.

Excellent service. exceedingly polite, courteous, and professional. lower price than anyone else.

You call their number, and unlike the other junk haulers, they have friendly operators, they give you estimated prices up front based on volume, and then the local truck calls ahead of time to confirm your address and the time. Then they show up precisely at that time.

These guys hauled some of the nastiest stuff i've seen in a while off my roofdeck, two stories up. Not to mention a heavy washer/dryer combo. There was no charge for the stairs. No charge for weight. Simply the space it took up in the truck, no questions asked.

I was quoted $439 by another local company, if you include the washer dryer. These guys did it for $289 with a smile.

If you have a huge pile of stuff you don't want to deal with, and want the best price and most genuine customer service i've had with any business in a while, call these guys.

-Larry E.

hey there,, i hired junk removal to come to my backyard and garage to remove some junk,, and they did AN AWSOME JOB!!!!
these guys were so quick, friendly and funny and the price was so 
reasonable!! Thank god for these guys cuz when it came down to it ,,all my friends were pretty much worthless when it came to helping me remove all that stuff from my yard!!! hahaha
JUNK REMOVAL PROS,,,,,THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Thomas B.

Helped a friend move last month and just saw one of the trucks driving around and thought, what a great service. We called rite away. They were quick to come and haul away all of my friend's extra junk (she had a ton!) and were awesome. Shawn and JJ were the best-- hilarious and helpful. If you've got extra stuff around and need a hand, 1-800-JUNK PRO is the number to call.

-Collin C.

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